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Nearly one fourth of the United States population is or has been affected by allergies. Studies also claim that the number of people suffering from allergies has been increasing every year by as much as five percent, and over fifty percent of these new allergy sufferers are children

Why do allergic reactions show themselves?

Allergens. Allergens are components located in our environment that might cause one to have an allergic reaction. People can be allergic to anything, from pollen and ragweed to pet hair and certain foods like peanuts and eggs. Quite a few of the items which cause allergic reactions, like the things we eat, contain special proteins which can trigger allergic reactions. Indeed, protein is an organic substance created by oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen, which are all elements of living things.

Professional carpet cleaning might simply excise the majority of allergens like:

- Tree and grass pollens
- Dust mites and their waste products (excrement)
- Mold and mildew
- Animal hair, usually that of dogs and cats

You should definitely get your carpet cleaned with specialist allergy cleaning methods, but don't forget that these allergens can also be found in the carpet underlay and in the moist film which can be present on top of the carpet and underneath it as well. A damp carpet can be a breeding ground for allergens. Fortunately, there are hypoallergenic carpet pads that help soak up the moisture but don't allow mold and mildew and other allergens to spread in your carpets. What sort of things should you think about when thinking about the purchase of hypoallergenic carpet padding for your home?

It is crucial to keep in mind that "hypoallergenic" must not be believed to mean that no allergens whatsoever will exist in the carpet.

Hypoallergenic refers to the fact that it has often been found to cause fewer allergic reactions in the general public. Some allergy sufferers are more delicate than others, but on the whole, a hypoallergenic carpet pad should reduce allergy symptoms for many people. Though it is these differences that make us special, unfortunately it's what also makes dealing with allergies so difficult since determining what amount of an allergen can cause a reaction is no piece of cake.

Throughout the carpeting business, hypoallergenic padding commonly means that the material is manufactured with a moisture-resistant characteristic that makes the padding anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Make sure to read the label and buy based on the carpet pad's level of protection for your home. Once you have excellent allergy cleaning for your carpet, you will want to keep you home as allergen-free as possible. To discover more, please give us a call.

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