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Prevent all bed bug bites via bed bug removal treatments. In past months, New York City has gone through an upsurge in the number of bedbugs that have been seen. Cleanliness does not protect you against these creatures. People in the most well kept, expensive apartments are being overrun by them. The problem is so common that a whole task force has been requested by a councilwoman on the Upper West Side to find a solution to the bedbug problem.

Therefore Who Are These Pests? Bedbugs are wingless insects that are typically about the size of an apple seed and possess a rust-colored shell. You shall not see them active within the daylight hours. They work in the night when they can feast on their human hosts. The victim is determined by body heat, and primo feasting spots involve the shoulders and arms of unwary humans. They are hard to find because they burrow into crevices, cracks, and small, out of the way spots. Their perfect habitat offers beds and mattresses, due to the fact that those locations offer an abundance of food.

Bedbugs Also Enjoy Areas Including:

- The area between wooden floorboards
- Walls. The cracks and crevices in the walls can be hiding spots.
- In carpets or rugs
- Thin openings in furniture frames, specifically those for your bed
- Within detached wallpaper sections
- Near Paint that is bubbling or peeling

Ways to Take Out This Pest

Deal with all bed clothes and clean or vacuum each surface.
If you surmise your mattress has become infested, cover it in plastic then set it outside in the sun for as long as you can.

Cleaning Solutions are Non-Poisonous and Secure

Our approach is always carefully customized so that you will be totally happy with the outcome. We exclusively use cleaning products built of safe, biodegradable, non-toxic, and environmentally-sound substances.

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