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The Value of Quality Drapery Cleaning

That exact dust and debris that affects your furniture will also find its way into your drapes. Usually cleaning regimens could extend the beauty and lifespan of drapes while also maintaining a spotless, cheerful and healthy atmosphere throughout the home.

This is a method we could help you accomplish such a goal…

Step 1: Careful inspection – we look into your drapes for any stains or conditions that could affect the cleaning process, such as sun damage or permanent discolorations. From that, we provide an honest assessment of what we surmise are realistically achievable results.

Step 2: Preliminary Vacuuming. Loose dirt and particles have to be excised before additional steps are taken to clean any type of fabric. In order to remove any dust or soil that has dried, the drapes shall be completely vacuumed.

Step 3: A&B Carpet & Rug. Our professionals could utilize sponges treated with unique solvents to get rid of remaining soils. There is no liquid involved in the use of these sponges, but they have been treated with dry cleaning solvent. This often has any oil based materials, like grime that may have become airborne while your were cooking.

Step 4: A special cleaning agent will be used to remove spots that may remain after the initial sponge process through Post Spot Removal.

Step 5: Final Cleansing – This is accomplished with a special solution that not only removes the last remaining dirt and muck, but will also make your drapes look brighter. The drapery benefits from a mild misting of this agent.

Step 6: When we have gotten done with the previous steps, our technician could examine the drapes with you in the Post inspection.

Drapes are sensitive, and consequently require careful handling. Fabrics can shrink, crease and stain if the drapery cleaning is not finished by professionals. We fully ensure our drapery cleaning services and use only professional-grade equipment. We can transfer your drapes to our facility for cleaning. Vivid, clean drapes could be delivered and reinstalled in a few days.

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